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free forum

Hogwarts Magic Realm

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Richtig Hogwarts Magic Realm

Beitrag von CenaBoOsS am Mi 2 März 2011 - 18:11

Titel des Forums: Hogwarts Magic Realm

Beschreibung des Forums:
Do you like Harry Potter books and movies? You ever wanted to be part of that magic world?Surprise: Now it is possible .Anton Devon (headmaster of Hogwarts School) and Robi Seah(Deputy headmaster and Herbology professor) are working hardly on promoting this RPG forum based on Post Potter Era . We invite you to become one of the Hogwart’s students and get sorted at one of the 4 main house: Gryffindor ,Slytherin,Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff .Or why not ,you can even try to apply for getting a professor position ,to work for the Ministry of Magic or even for one of the Hogsmead inns .We tried to make this world even more entertaining by offering you the chance to become a non –human character ,that means that you can register as a ghost,werewolf ,vampire,veela,centaur,animagi or even goblin .You decide what your character is going to be .Together with a very hardworking staff we hope that one day we will manage to make this one of the biggest RPG –Post Potter forums .We invite you to take part at the adventure together with us!

Link zum Forum: http://hogwartsmagicrealm.forumagic.net/

Datum der Erstellung:8 Feb 2011

Nickname des Gründers: Anton Devon

Vorstellung des Forum-Teams:(optional)
Robi Seah and me(Anton Devon)
Welche Vorzüge hat dein Forum?
-We want to create a very active post potter community for everyone around the world who knows a little of english .We don't care if they are from german ,romania,russia,france they are more than welcome on our forum
-We hope to be able to entertain all of you


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Anmeldedatum : 02.03.11

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